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Written by Administrator

The Cyprus Kennel Club held their summer show on the evenings of June 1st and 2nd 2013. The judges were invited from Germany, Moldova, Russia, Azerbaijan, Romania and Cyprus. The weekend gave opportunity for exhibitors to gain the titles of Moldova, Azerbaijan and Cyprus Winner 2013. Judging started at 5.30 in the evening which made for more comfortable conditions for dogs and handlers. 

The 85th Madrid International Dog Show took place on May 25th and 26th. Best in Show under Judge Carlos Fernández-Renau, was the Pug, Didiel Andes Mucho Con Demasiado, handled by Mireia Cabré.

OES Club of the Netherlands

Written by Administrator
Going Dutch - the meaning of this English ‘saying’ is sharing and could easily be the password for the Euro Show. A yearly gathering of OES enthusiasts from all over the world, who share their knowledge and love for a special breed of dog.

Shar Pei Club of Greece

Written by Administrator

A kind invitation came from the Shar Pei Club of Greece to judge at their 1st Mega Shar Pei Speciality show. The club has been in existence since 2002. Under the guidance of their new committee and the particular brain child of Lila Leventaki they decided to hold the Mega Speciality.

Based on a combination of judging types, Mr Matgo Law from Hong Kong being the guest of honour and priority judge very rightly so his being the person who in the 1970’s attracted the attention of the world to the plight of the Shar Pei and to whom we all owe a great deal of gratitude, for without him this breed would be extinct. Viera Staviarksa bringing the European style of judging, with me representing the UK.

Hungarian Rhapsody!

Written by Administrator

BRINGING an eventful week to a close, the top winning OES ‘Jimmy’ was a fitting winner in his home country under BIS judge Tamas Jakkel. This yearsWORLD DOG SHOW had taken place in Budapest against a backdrop of a lively FCI meeting, a new president in the form of Rafael Santiago from Puerto Rico, and a packed programme of breed and club shows, a CACIB show on Wednesday followed by four days of a WORLD DOG SHOW with 18,000 dogs from all over the world.

Italian Newfoundland Club

Written by Administrator

I VERY much enjoyed attending the Club Show of the Italian Newfoundland Club, the Societa Amatori Terranova (SATs), which was held on the 20th and 21st of April. I have missed a few of these shows recently, but was invited again to take photographs at the SAT’s Gold Cup Show.

This club is not a member of the FCI, but it has been established for a long time. This was the 24th Speciality Show and the 18th Gold Cup. There were no FCI judges, but the two men invited to judge were Mr Milan Lint, co-owner of the Pouch Cove Kennel in the USA, and Mr Luis Amador Fernandez from the Rain Coast Kennel in Spain.

World Dog Show 2013

Written by Administrator

Best in Show at the World Dog Show 2013

was Koroknai's Old English Sheepdog

Ch Bottom Shaker My Secret 

Reports, critiques and much more coming soon...

International Dog Show, Lahti

Written by Administrator
Best in Show at the International Dog Show in Lahti, Finland on the 27th & 28th of April, was the Standard Poodle, W-12 Martina’s Massima, owned by Tiina & Markku Rilanko and Molli Nyman from Finland. Best in Show Judge was Miroslav Zidar (Slovenia).

International Dog Show, Tampere

Written by Administrator
Best in Show at the International Dog Show in Tampere, Finland on the 4th & 5th of May, was the Tibetan Terrier, CIB, FI CH EE CH LT CH W-12 Bristol Cream’s Grande Final, owned by Maarit Kultala from Finland. Best in Show Judge was Tapio Eerola.
Programme of Judging 

Groups per day

May 16th Thursday:

Terriers, dachshund, spitz breeds, primitive types

17th May, Friday

Pinschers, schnauzers – molosszers – Swiss mountain and cattle dogs

18th  May, Saturday:

Scent hounds and related breeds, pointing dogs, companion and toy dogs 

19th  May, Sunday

Shepherd or sheep dogs(except Swiss shepherd dog), retrievers – flushing dogs, water dogs, sight hounds

-Ring of pavilion G, daily schedule between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.  MORE TO FOLLOW

40th Hoogstraten Show

Written by Administrator

Hoogstraten held its 40th show this year. Usually held in January, but because the dog show in Gent that is only held every two years was not taking place this year, Hoogstraten moved to February as the shows did not clash.

However, on the closing date for entries, there was panic in the committee, as only 1,200 dogs were entered. That would have been a complete disaster, as last year the show had 1,764 entries. The organisers were forced to extend the closing date by a few extra days. At the end they had an entry  of 1,619 dogs. I wonder seriously where this evolution will end. Which show will have the courage to be the first to say “the closure date is the closure date, and every dog that is entered after the closure date will not be accepted”. That is, in my opinion, the only way to stop this evolution. 

Poodle wins in Buenos Aires

Written by Administrator

Best in show on the last day at the the Dogs and Our Horse show in Buenos Aires,  was the Standard Poodle, Ricmart Live Now Pay Later, pictured with the bis judge Thomas Jakkel,  Miguel Angel Martinez president of the kc of Argentina, as well as OUR DOGS’ Vince Hogan. OUR DOGS is the official Media Partner to this show. Click here for full results


Photo:  Jadranka Mijatovic

BIS at the International Dog Show Reggio Emilia on March 23, out of 2,800 dogs,  was Multi Ch.Multi Bis Bassjoy Night Of Love. Pictured with group judge Salvatore Tripoli and Best in Show judge Ferdinando Asnaghi.

Eurasia Show in Moscow

Written by Administrator


BIS at the Eurasia Show in Moscow, Russia, Scottish Terrier, Mcvan's To Russia With Love, owned by M Khenkina. The judge was Mr Horst Kliebenstein (Germany) 

The Malta Experience

Written by Administrator

HAVING received an exciting invitation to judge in Malta, it was a fortunate opportunity for Ann and myself to have a short winter break.

When you think of Malta, you think of warm weather. During my stay to judge the Malta Canine Society Championship Show held over the weekend of Saturday and Sunday, the 9th and 10th of February, the weather was reminiscent of home, being cold, windy and showers with only the odd glimpse of sun.

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