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Wednesday, 01 July 2020

Breed clubs request collaboration with Dutch Kennel Club

Featured Written by Our Dogs - 03/07/20

A number of brachycephalic breed clubs in The Netherlands have written to the Dutch Kennel Club making four requests of the governing body.

This follows the negotiations that were held between the Dutch Kennel Club and the Dutch Government which led to guidelines being issued for the breeding and registration of certain breeds. In March 2019 the Dutch government decided to enforce a law which prohibited the breeding of short faced dogs.

Those with a craniofacial ratio (CFR) of less than 0.3 are effectively banned. In the letter the clubs say, ‘In regards to the Minister’s negative response to the breeding strategy drawn up jointly by the Raad Van Beheer (Dutch Kennel Club) and the involved breed clubs, you informed us on the 11th of May to adjust the breeding declaration and registration of Brachycephalic breeds effective the 18th of May this year.

‘In fact this means that the Raad Van Beheer no longer issues pedigrees to puppies born of breed-typical parents of the following breeds: ‘Affenpinscher, Boston Terrier, Bulldog, French Bulldog, Griffon Beige, Griffon Bruxellois, Petit Brabançon, Japan Chin, King Charles Spaniel, Pug, Pekingese and Shih Tzu.


‘This disastrous decision makes breeding these breeds, in accordance with the breed standard impossible in the Netherlands. The breeders of these breeds are heavily duped. ‘In addition, the result of this decision is that the breeds with a CFR between 0.3 and 0.5 will follow soon. ‘It also sets a precedent for the same exclusion of breed-typical dogs of other breeds, with external characteristics, which will be attacked in an equally easy and misleading manner. ‘The involved breed clubs therefore agree this is a wrongful decision that ignores the statutes and by-laws of the Raad van Beheer (Kynologisch Reglement).

‘Herewith, we would like to make four urgent requests to you to restore the situation as before the 11th of May and prevent the current situation from having a knock on effect on many other breeds to follow: ‘Request 1 – The Raad Van Beheer immediately and retroactively revokes the amended registration procedure for Brachycephalic Breeds published the 11th of May 2020. ‘Request 2 – The Radd Van Beheer endorses the statement that the breed standard is leading and supports the FCI Standards Commission open letter about Brachycephalic dogs. ‘Request 3 – The Raad Van Beheer concludes covenants with the involved breed clubs, whereby a best effort obligation is placed with the breeders as a condition for issuing pedigrees.

‘This effort obligation includes a mandatory health test, preferably based on scientific research conducted by the Cambridge BOAS Research Group through a licence from the English Kennel Club supported by the FCI. ‘In view of the many preparatory work already carried out, this can be realised in the very short term with the involved breed clubs. ‘Request 4 – The Raad Van Beheer in collaboration with the involved breed clubs, establishes a network of 20 to 30 veterinarians to facilitate the breeders of our clubs to carry out the health tests mentioned in the covenants; for example the Cambridge BOAS test, patella test and the eye test (for Brachycephalic dogs).

‘These veterinarians can be trained by a number of specialists (partly in accordance with the licence with the English Kennel Club) and form a network of test locations in the Netherlands. ‘By doing so health tests can be made cheap and accessible, which increases the chance that not only breeding animals, but also offspring can be tested.

This provides more data and faster elimination of problems in the breed. These vets are also an important reference group for pedigree dogs and can act as their ambassadors. ‘We expect the Raad van Beheer to comply with these requests and to inform the involved breed clubs regarding these requests in full no later than the 5th of July, after which we can work to preserve the breeding of the aforementioned breeds in good cooperation. ‘If you do not respond to our requests, we consider convening an Extraordinary General Meeting in accordance with art.

21 of the statutes of the Raad van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland’ ‘Yours sincerely, ‘Hollandse Bulldoggen Club, Eerste Gezelschapshonden Club Nederland, Shih Tzu Club Nederland, Boston Terrier Club Nederland, Commedia Mopshonden Vereniging, Engelse Bulldog Club Nederland, Bulldog Club Nederland, Pekingees en Dwergspanielclub, Vereniging van Fokker en Liefhebbers van gladharige Dwergpinschers.’ A spokesman for the Raad van Beheer said, ‘The Board of the Dutch Kennel Club and the brachycephalic breed clubs have had several constructive consultations in the last few weeks.

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