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Wednesday, 11 July 2012


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IN Hungary each year every main part of Hungary gets an International show; this year, the South Hungary’s International Show was held in Pécs, on the 23rd and 24th of June, some 200 km South of Budapest, close (40 km) to the Croatian border...

Brutus’ Double in Pécs

The same three dogs were chosen for First, Second and Third for both shows. Best in Show was the Newfoundland, King Of Helluland Feel theWin, owned by Sonja & Vlado Krockovci (SK); Res BIS was the Greyhound, Jet’s I’ve Got What It Takes, owned by Ágnes Koppány (H) and Third was the Beagle, Varinhouse Eashly Lucky Choice, owned by S. Gayshina (Russia). BIS Judge (Day 1) was Stefan Stefik (SK), and (Day 2) Svend Lovenkjaer (DK).

Report & Pictures By GABOR SZALANCZI

23rd and 24th of June

IN Hungary each year every main part of Hungary gets an International show; this year, the South Hungary’s International Show was held in Pécs, on the 23rd and 24th of June, some 200 km South of Budapest, close (40 km) to the Croatian border.

There were two complete shows, both days, with about 900 dogs, which is not too bad bearing in mind the financial environment. But they made a very good working Facebook page, which collected very many entries before the show, in the last month. About 60 % of exhibitors’ arrived from foreign countries.

What was unusual in Hungary was that nearly all the judges were from foreign countries (at the Hungarian organised Intl. Shows the usual about 50%), with two Hungarians only. UK was represented by John Thirlwell who judged Gundog dogs, and a lot of breeders entered for him, he judged more than 100 dogs one day. The show was in the Expo Halls of Pecs, fully air conditioned, not always the case in Hungary.

The all show had a very good atmosphere, but the best part of the show was an unique program, the Senior handler competition. It was a great surprise for the judge Dorottya Zahonyi-Abel (17), who judged the Junior Handlers on Sunday. Dorottya was the world Winner JH in 2010, Denmark and she represented Hungary at Crufts, twice, already. She judged JHs official at International Show in Hungary, first time. The senior handler competition was a surprise, not announced before in the entry invitation for example.

For this came in the ring the all professional dog handlers of Hungary, but as a funny competition, they presented parody, each others and themselves. Those 10 minutes were the best entertainment, perhaps the funniest program that I have seen at dog shows, ever! (The video is on the internet, of course). On the two days a lot of dogs doubled their success, in the Groups, too.

The absolute winner of the show was Brutus, the Newfoundland male, who was the res BIS this year at Crufts, officially King of Helluland Feel the Win bred and owned by Sonja and Vlado Krockovci (SK). He won the BIS both days. And more, the reserve BIS and the BIS3 was same, both days too, the reserve was the Greyhound Jet's I've Got What it Takes Greyhound, imported from Norway, bred by Espen and Kari Engh, owned by Koppány Ágnes dr. (H), the BIS3 was Varinhouse Eashly Lucky Choice, Beagle, bred by E. Gorbunova, owned by S. Gayshina (RUS). 

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Report & Pictures

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