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Monday, 02 September 2013

Labrit Riga! (Good Morning Riga)

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This year two Latvian dog people invited me to visit the Riga Double show, an ex-Junior Handler and an Australian Shepherd breeder. As I had not been to a Latvian dog show I wondered what this might be like. I made contact with the Latvian KC and they also were happy for me to visit their show.

Latvia is in the middle of the Baltic Countries, with about two-million residents and in Riga nearly 700.000. In the middle of the city were held the 2nd and 3rd International shows of the year, organised by the Latvian Kennel Club, the LKF, “Latvijas kinolo?isk? feder?cija”. The Saturday show was the Crufts qualification show. 

I live in Eastern Europe, but Latvia was not too close to us, 1,500 kilometres, across Slovakia, Poland, and Lithuania. I like challenges and adventures, so I went by car, with my family. But there are no motorways on this trip; you can imagine this adventure. Our way was two days, with a stop in Poland for a half way break. But, finally Latvia we found was a nice, hospitable country.

Latvia and Riga is a mixture of the traditional and modern in partnership. The city was full of modern buidings new roads, bridges, and old and style houses in the city centre. Prices in Latvia were similar to Hungary, which means cheaper than most of Western Europe.

The show was held in the middle of the city, on a island in the great park in one great sports hall.

There were 18 rings both days, with a great international judging panel – lead by Vija Klucniece (the Preiseident of the Latvian Kennel Club), Jose Homem de Mello (P), Anita Naif Al-Bachy (SF), Geir Nordahl Pedersen (NL), Marie Petersen (DK), Ulf Brathen (DK), Eugeny Kuplyauskas (RUS), Agnes Ganami-Kertes (ISR), Cristian Stavarache (RO), Antonio di Lorenzo (N), Anne Klaas (EE, Estonia), Johan Becerra (PR), Rui Oliveira (P), Enrique Mate Duran (E), Jose Miguel Doval Sanches (E), Nikola Smolic (CRO), Boris Chapiro (F). The exhibitors’ list was also international, Latvians, of course, but many Russians and Finnish, and more from East and North of Europe. The catalogue and language of the  show was Latvian and English. The catalogue contained a timetable for the judging by breeds, was very practical, not everybody had to arrive morning; the exhibitors got their time in the entry confirmation, the judges keep it exactly and I have seen an exhibitors, who arrive to the show 12 ‘o clock only in time for their breeds.

My overall impression was very positive. Organisation was good, the quality of the dogs, high as everywhere in Europe, everybody was kind and spoke English, the grooming, and handling of the dogs was very good.


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The Saturday BIS judged by Antonio di Lorenzo (Norway), gave the 5th place to the Vizsla, the 4th place to the Cane Corso, the 3rd was the Bedlington Terrier, the runner up the Australian Shepherd, and the BIS went to the Little Italian Greyhound, Eledi Grace Elliana Edem owned by J. Jegorova (LV). 

The BIS judged on Sunday gave the 5th to the American Cocker, the 4th to the Bloodhound, the 3rd to the Little Italian Greyhound, the runner-up was the Bedlington Terrier, and the Sunday Best in Show was the Lhasa Apso, Nemmi Inimitable owned by P. Marge & B.-H. Ruus & J. Kares & K. Paju (EE).

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