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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

5 Breed Specialties

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TO Russia and back in four days! I was delighted to be invited back to Russia to judge for the third time. This time over the holiday weekend, June 10th and 11th 2012. 

TO Russia and back in four days! I was delighted to be invited back to Russia to judge for the third time. This time over the holiday weekend, June 10th and 11th 2012.

My job this time was to judge five Breed Club Specialties:- Bobtails (37 exibits); Border Collies (18); Briards (32); Beauceron (20) and Pembroke Corgis (52). Everything was so well organised and the quality in all five shows was very pleasing. Like everywhere, so many impressed stood, but disoppointed in action. All these breeds should be capable of doing the job they were originally bred to do, and correct movement is a must.

OES, I last judged a Speciality in Russia in 2006, a young bitch I then gave Best Female to was today my BIS; she had matured into a world class Bobtail, she looked and moved stunning on the day. Since I first judged her, she’s gone on to do much winning! Has many titles, including a CC at Crufts and has her UK Champion title. Her name Griland Beauty Bear. BOS was a lovely dog, Dairy Divain Gift. The Bobtail Club membership had many questions and a DVD was made, the Clubs President interviewed me and all was recorded.

In Border Collies a young dog stood away, he was my BIS. Briards were judged in heavy rain, so many in this breed looked the part stood with their cropped ears (makes such a difference to the head), but hadn’t the movement I was looking for, I did find it in a young fawn male, he was my BIS. Beauceron - I love this breed, and there were some top class exhibits present. It seems most of my winners came from the same kennel, the bitch I gave BIS was truly lovely and I was told later was Res World winner.

The Pembroke Corgis also contained some top class exhibits, they turned out in force with a super entry of 52! Just loved a Tri baby female, and she had a lovely sister and a red brother, all three show huge promise. The Best Puppy was a stunner. Some different head types and some could have better action, loved the top winners and the bitch I gave BIS could certainly move! Feminine, strong backline and faultless hind action.

Day one I also judged BIS with the three days winners this went to the Bobtail. Day two I jointly judged BIS with a French gentleman, we had a different eye and could not agree on BIS, so a joint BIS was declared! Both our Beauceron winners went joint BIS with the Pem getting a prize of honour. All in all a wonderful experience and a chance to judge some lovely dogs of all five breeds. Photos of my main winners enclosed, unfortunately I dont understand the catalogue so can’t give the names of ALL the BIS winners.

Report & Photos By BARRIE M. CROFT

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