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Tuesday, 04 February 2020

Best Russian Dog 2019

Featured Written by RKF - Russian KC

Best Russian Dog is the first independent ranking featuring the best-thoroughbred dogs, as well as professional breeders and handlers according to the results of international dog shows and provide an objective evaluation of their work.

Each Best Russian Dog Gala-dinner is unique and unforgettable in its own way. As usual it was held in the Tchaikovsky banquet hall of the Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow and best dogs, handlers, dog lovers and volunteers enjoyed atmosphere of the celebration. This year, the presenter of the event was Gregory Manev, a journalist, author and moderator of “Dogs Planet” (“Планета собак”) program.

The third Gala-dinner was opened on the 4th of February 2020 by the founder of Best Russian Dog rating Nicolas Pineiro, also the general director of Valta Pet Products company Irina Golovchenko and financial director, shareholder of the company and the main partner Anatoly Golovchenko. They pointed out how important is to have an objective rating system which open publishes dog shows results and to do your job so enthusiastically as our handlers, breeders and other professionals do. Irina Golovchenko highlighted that the breeders mission can also help with people loneliness. Family becomes happy when it has a favourite pet.

Breeders put their soul and energy into their work. Such a dedication to work and loyalty to “Valta Breeders Club” couldn’t be unnoticed. Three Russian kennel clubs - Filisite Brash, Shimf Line,Vachabe - were thanked for their cooperation: After the 1 of February, 2020 “Valta Pet Products” became an exclusive distributor of grain-free super premium food Wellness CORE. All company clients therefore have more opportunities to take care with their dogs health, and “Valta breeders Club” members got a new ally also following the noble Valta mission which is aimed to take care of quality and lifespan of pets.

The presentation ceremony continued by the rating winners - the best representatives of ten FCI groups. Beautiful dogs, recognised by Russian and international judges, with their handlers and owners taking centre stage, literally!

The second part of the ceremony was dedicated to social nominations and dogs who serve for society’s general wealth such as animal shelters, vets,assistance dogs, therapy dogs and dogs involved in rescue. This was also the first Best Russian Dog Gala-dinner where representatives of the security forces and service dogs were rewarded.

BEST OF THE BEST In the final part of the ceremony, the Best of the Best winners of the rating were honored - breeder and handler-owner Valentina Popova, Olga Agapova, who took the first place among professional handlers for the second year in a row and for the first time this year the Best junior of the rating appeared - Pomeranian Grand Iz Ruzy Naturel Princess with its breeder and owner Leah Emelyanova. Nobody expected what the main gift for the winner of Best in Show Scottish Terrier Filisite Brash Beauty Never Lies and her breeder Valentina Popova would be.

The main partner of the Valta Pet Products company, represented by Irina and Anatoly Golovchenko, Dmitry Mamontov, Director of Corporate Communications, and Gala Dinner organizer Nicolas Pineiro presented a certificate for flight to Bangkok and accommodation during the International Dog Championship of Asia and the FCI Pacific section later this year.

The second certificate was received by Stas Karpov, the handler of last year’s winner in the Best in Show category of the Flanders Bouvier Family Flight Fine Chanel. At the end of ceremony Dmitry Nesterov performed, he is a Goodwill Ambassador of the Moscow Government, curator of the Sheremetyevo orphanage and participant in the show “Voice”. The organizers of the Best Russian Dog Gala dinner are grateful to all the partners of the event and the participants in the ceremony for their support and kind words addressed to the organizing committee.

Every year we try to make this event even better and more soulful. Special thanks to official photographers Lana Polyakova and Olga Kovalenko for the photo report, Our Dogs magazine and their representative Maria Plume, as well as Dogwinner portal represented by Sergey Sidorov for broadcasting the event. Magazines “Friend”, “Zooinform” and the publishing center “Zoocurrier” for information support and media coverage of the event. Thank you for help resource center “Mosvolonter”. The Gala Dinner recording is available at www.BestRussian.Dog/video, as well as on the Live TV Channel on YouTube

Details of the terms and conditions of the rating can be found on the website:
To get more detailed information, please contact the Organizing Committee by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone +7 964 724 80 47.
The main partner of the event - Valta Pet Products, the official distributor of grain-free food Wellness CORE.
Irina Golovchenko, General Director.

Photos by Lana Polyakova

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