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Wednesday, 01 January 2020

Belgium 2019 Review

Featured Written by Karl Donvil - 123
Papillon Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers, Kathleen Roosens breeder and owner. Papillon Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers, Kathleen Roosens breeder and owner. Karl Donvil - 123

2019 saw four more double shows, namely in Brabo, Gent, Liège, and Mechelen. Brabo and Gent are only three weeks apart and Liège and Mechelen too. 

Kortrijk 2018 

This was a double show, like so many others nowadays, but Kortrijk had a good excuse, the famous German show of Dortmund has changed its date to exactly the same date as Kortrijk, imagine!

This year there were more exhibitors from England than from the Netherlands, 247 to 201! And let’s not forget the 14 participants from Ireland. 

In 2013 Kortrijk held its 50th anniversary, a double show and just like on this show it was Mr. Deschuymere on Saturday and Mrs. De Ridder-Onghena on Sunday who judged BIS. Like in 2013, both judges were invited again for BIS and believe it or not, they chose the very same dog as the ultimate winner the Papillon Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers, Kathleen Roosens breeder and owner. Pure coincidence? Probably, but for Katleen Roosens and Planet Waves it was a most fantastic weekend, worth staying in Belgium instead of going to Dortmund.

Brussels Dog Show & Brussels Trophy 2018 

It seems like my call in the desert has been heard. The Royal Society St.Hubert (Belgian Kennel Club) decided to stop double shows from next year on. That means that this year was the last one. Again it proves I’m right as the number of entries has drastically gone down. While last year there were still 1994 entries on Saturday and 2203 on Sunday, this year there were only 1685 entries on Saturday and 1617 on Sunday. 

The Brussels BIS Trophy went to the medium-sized Black Poodle coming over from Russia along with Polina Kurbatsckaya. Yamit Muskat Victoria’s Secret  is the name of this lovely two-year-old girl. On Sunday Mr.Petru Muntean was the one to give away the trophy of the Brussels Dog Show. it was Frosty Snowman, the Grand Basset Griffon Vendéen of Mrs. Huykenshoven from the Netherlands. Mrs. Monique Van Brempt was asked to judge the Supreme Best In Show and she chose the Poodle, BIS of Saturday as her Supreme Winner.

Genk LKV Show 

1880 entries, only 109 less than in 2017 and almost 300 more than 2018. It proves that people like a competition and a good show. The LKV (Limburgse Kynologen Vereniging) combines this show with the Champion of Champion Show every two years alternating with the show of Liège where it is called the Masters Trophy. Mrs.Patricia Nemirovsky de Alsina was asked to judge Best In Show. It was Junia Nad from Germany who could take the big BIS trophy back home. Her medium-sized black Poodle Nice Steps For Me Only was a choice of Mr. Dupas and was entered in Champion class. He is three years old now. It was Mr. Jakkel who gave him the ticket for the finals and showed him the way to Best In Show.

Mouscron Dog Show 2019 

This year only 1511 dogs were entered. Did it have to do with the show of Bordeaux the weekend before in France or the famous strikes and road blockades of the Gillets Jaunes or Yellow Vests Movement at the border, or the impact of the (too) many double shows, it will be difficult to say. But it was a fact that the number of French entries was considerably lower than usual.

Mr.Jos De Cuyper was asked to judge Best In Show. It was the Irish Red Setter Paris Match Thendara, co-owned by Lauwers, Milligan-Bott, Bott Aleksandra Willem Dee Jeremy and living in Belgium. The dog was judged by Mr. Peter Harsanyi. When he later judged the group, he picked him as his best. Paris Match is already six years and a Champion.

Weelde 2019 

Happy faces all over as the entry grew drastically from 1371 dogs in 2018 to 1769 this year. That makes a big difference! Could it be that people are finally finding their way to Weelde, which is a rather remote place? 
Mr. Dirk Spruyt was granted the honor to judge Best In Show and that went to the Whippet Proud Mary Da Roseira Brava from Bart Scheerens a three-year-old import from Portugal. 13 were entered and judged by Myriam Vermeire. The group was judged by Mr.Johan Wulteputte.

BRABO 2019 (Antwerp Dog Show) 

Antwerp had its first double show with 2652 entries in total, resulting in two small CACIB shows, one with 1360 dogs, called the “Antwerp Winner” and the one from Sunday with only 1292 entries, called the “Brabo Winner”.

What a nice main ring, what a nice podium! And...finally, it was decided to just have three dogs in each category placed, bravo! Mrs.Ingrid Hectors was the Best in Show judge on Saturday. It was a Flat-Coated Retriever Whizzbang’s Billi Bi from Denmark, owned by Mrs. Jensen Dorte. There were 15 in his breed, entered for Mr.Peixoto from Portugal. On Sunday Mr.Gustaaf Van Den Bosch, also from Belgium, was granted the honor to pick out the Best In Show. The title of Best In Show was for Peter Vanzeer from Belgium who showed his medium sized black Poodle Nero E Bianco Q-Caesarion. Mrs. Rooney from Ireland was their judge.

Gent 2019 

With only 1061 dogs on Saturday and 972 dogs on Sunday, this edition of the once prestigious show of Gent was the poorest ever, keeping in mind that both days it was a CACIB! Only 3 dogs were placed but no longer a podium, but next to large nicely build numbers 1, 2 and 3 with room to attach the rosettes. 

Best In Show judge on Saturday was Mr.Eberhardt from Germany. His Best In Show also went to the Netherlands, it was for the Bouvier des Flandres Cash-Uschi Van de Vanenblikhoeve from Hennie Bruintjes-Schaap. Mr Jos De Cuyper from Belgium was on turn on Sunday. Best In Show went to our 3rd place from Saturday, Minidogland Take After Sun, owned by Meier Philippe from the Netherlands.

Lommel 2019 

Known as the sunniest show in Belgium, the climate inside was very important, especially on Sunday when it was pretty warm outside. Inside there is enough space for the dogs to relax in a cool corner. From the 1131 entries of this year, only 172 were from across the border.
The Best In Show judge was Mr. Augustin Ionescu from Romania. The ultimate winner was the Irish Red Setter Oakdene Que Du Bonheur who won group 7 on Saturday under Mr.Kotlar, judged earlier as Best of Breed by Mr.Vanaken. 7 were entered. Du Bonheur is two-years-old and bred and owned by Aleksandra and Willem Lauwers from Belgium.

Ambiorix Trofee Genk 2019 

With an entry of 1233 dogs, the organizers of the latest “Ambiorixtrofee” were quite happy. Shows like this have to fight back really hard to get enough dogs to go on with organizing their yearly shows. 

Thanks to a few inventive members the result was amazing, a new podium and a panel for the rosettes were built! The podium was very ingenious. It was composed of modules with the numbers built into a pedestal and lit up with LEDs.
Mr.Christian Stefanescu from Romania was the Best In Show judge. The title went to the Kaninchen Dachshund Wire, Prisme des Supers Supers, bred and shown by our famous judge Jean-François Vanaken. Prisme is almost 3 years old and was entered in Open Class along with eight others to be judged by Mr Tom Hehir and also this judged showed him the way to the finals later on in the main ring where he judged the Group.

Liège 2019 Benelux Winner 

Records are broken! With 1834 entries on Saturday and 1579 for Sunday, this was a double show with enough entries. 

Liège has a lot of traditions to keep alive like the Golden Lead, with all the sub competitions, and the Golden Groomer. And besides that, there is still the honoring of the Sighthounds in the Beauty and Performance rewards.

On Saturday it was Mr.Jos De Cuyper who was granted the honor to chose the Best In Show and that title went to the Irish Red Setter Nucky of McBirdy. This male was entered in Open Class for Mrs.Catrinel Pauna from Romania. He won from 15 competitors and was chosen Best of Group by Mrs.Pauna again. Nucky is 5 and was bred by Mr. & Mrs. Duhant-Keteleers and is owned by Lauwers, Milligan-Bott, Bott. On Sunday Mr. Igor Viguzov was the VIP judge. The Best In Show was for the runner up of Saturday, the American Cocker Spaniel Very Vigie Nobody Is Perfect, owned by Simon Whincup from the United Kingdom. He was now judged by Mrs.Eliza D R Loizou and got his ticket for the Best In Show Judging from Mr.Zeppi. A British victory this time!

Mechelen 2019 

In 2017 they had 1228 entries on Saturday and 1242 on Sunday. Last year was a single show with 1456 entries, but this year they had another double, and as I predicted, the numbers were less, 1114 on Saturday and 1101 on Sunday. Two CACIB shows with hardly 1100 entries! Courage and inventiveness is needed to make a drastic change because this is the shortest way to failure.

BIS judge on Saturday, Mr.Lemmer, chose the Miniature Bull Terrier Vicky Of Bully Lake, owned by Scorza Petazzi, Francesca from Italy. 4 were entered for Mr.Lemmer while Mr.Otto Kcral made him Best of Group. This bitch is two years old now. Mrs.Clarke, BIS judge on Sunday, chose the Siberian Husky Erzulie Freda Susseer. Gal Petterson From Ireland picked this dog out of 10 and Mrs.Reinelt was the one who awarded the ticket for the finals. This Russian bred dog was entered in Champion Class by her owner from the Netherlands, Nadezda Anapreeva.

La Louvière 2019 

Undeserved it was 200 dogs less than last year, 1302 dogs, while the organizers made more room to move around in order to make this show more enjoyable for the exhibitors. 

It was Mr.Dupas who had the honor to judge the Best In Show. I was glad that in every category there were only 3 dogs placed and that counted for the Best In Show too. Just 1, 2 and 3 and all the rest ex aequo on the 4th place. BRAVO!!! The ultimate winner of the show was the Basenji Faraoloand On A Bed Of Roses owned by Paula Steele and Alain Alaerts who handled him. Again a “she”! Faraoland was entered in Champion Class and is six now. The judge was Mr. Laurent Heinesche for the Breed as well as for the Group judging. 

Lovanium celebrates it’s 30 edition

Notwithstanding the decreasing numbers everywhere in dogdom, Lovanium managed to stand firm. There was a loss of “only 35 entries” and that means 1498 dogs found their way from 15 different countries, from as far a Guadeloupe, Reunion and Australia, which is amazing.

Mr.Claudio de Giuliani was invited from Italy to judge on both days but also to pick out the overall winning dog of this 30th edition out of the group winners that his colleagues had sent him. Mrs.Julia Nad from Germany was the lucky winner Best In Show with her medium-sized Black Poodle Nice Steps For Me Only. Bred in Latvia almost five years ago, he was entered in Champion Class in competition to four others in his colour for Mr.Lifac who made him Best Of Breed while Mrs.Hübenthal crowned him the winner of Group 9.

Luxembourg Spring 2019

Small arrangements were made and certain things were omitted as too expensive, like the live streaming on the internet and even the video wall in the halls. The main ring program was also drastically shortened. Where the show used to end after 7 in the evening, it now was over around 6.

Mrs. Melchior from Luxembourg was the judge of the BIS. The winning dog was the Golden Retriever Maybe Forever the One and Only, a 3-year-old dog entered in Working Class by his breeder and owner Gutierrez Ramirez Ignacio from Spain. Knowing that he had the strongest competition in the most popular breed of the show, chosen later by Mr.Paul Jentgen from Luxembourg to compete for the ultimate place it was an absolute thrill for his master. This is a Golden Retriever, still with a golden coat, undeniably a working type.

Luxembourg Autumn 2019 

The impact of the government ban on the Luxembourg shows was strong. While in 2017 there were still 3647 dogs present, this edition welcomed no more than 2763. Regulations and governmental prescription had an impact. The veterinarian control was very strict and that has possibly influenced the exhibitors from certain countries where rules are not always followed that strictly, at least that was one of the hypotheses. New, at least for Luxembourg was the Dog Dancing and the competition for Junior Handling.

Mr.Paul Jentgen from Luxembourg was the chosen one to judge Best In Show. His Best in Show dog of this edition was the Cairn Terrier Limecastles Gangster of Love. This dog was entered in Junior Class and won it from strong competition. Mr.Grüttner chose him from 19 entries and granted him also the lucky ticket for the finals. Mrs Alice Zanchi came from Switzerland with him with probably good hope, but I suppose she never expected to end up that high. 

CRUFTS 2019 and the European Dog Show 

Dan Ericsson from Sweden was granted the honor to judge this year’s finals. It was a thrilling moment when he picked out the winning dog of the Toy Group, the Papillon from Belgium, Dylan the Villain, real name: Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers. This dog won the 3rd place in the Eukanuba World Challenge on Thursday, and now this, BIS Crufts 2019, imagine! This little boy came over from Belgium along with breeder/co-owner Kathleen Roosens. Dylan already won Best Junior Dog in Show at the World Dog Show in Leipzig. It is an amazing dog always showing, ears up, looking up at Kathleen and apparently never tired. Kathleen hopes she still can continue his career as she is aiming for another big victory at the European Dog Show in Wells Austria. Her dream came true as she finished here as ResBIS. 

In general

Double shows, in my opinion, hardly give any competition. An option could be that Full Championship can only be granted if one of the CACIBs has been won at a show where a there was a minimum of 10 specimens of that breed in the competition. An extra advantage would be that owners of such a breed would set their money on shows where big competition can be expected and organizers of shows would try to establish such a competition, maybe collaborating with breed clubs to hold more breed specialties. We could also get rid of double shows and have more specialized judges invited. Things need to be reconsidered and changed, that’s for sure!

I can only hope that the Belgian Kennel Club soon will no longer allow double shows with only the highest exception. Many good shows struggle with entries going down and try to solve that by having double shows, but this creates a reverse effect. Use creativity to re-invent shows, come up with something new like a new title or an extra sub-competition?

Photos by Karl Donvil

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