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Thursday, 08 May 2014

Brabo 2014 - again one of the top shows in Belgium

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Almost a heart attack. That was what happened to the President when he informed everyone how many entries came in in a couple of days prior to closing date. His Secretary told him that they hadn’t even reached 1,000 entries close to entries closing day, but in those last few days the number climbed to 2,094, and that is 37 entries more than last year.

We can see that Group 2 and Group 9 represent almost 44% of the entries, followed by  Group 1 with 14.5%. The bitches hold the majority with 53%. I had always thought that the dogs were in the majority. And I also thought that there were more male champions than bitches. But of the 53% bitches, 17.5% were entered in Champions Class and that are 194 bitches. The Champions Class males had 11.5% of the male entries and that results in 113 dogs and that is a significant difference. It is a pity that it would take me too far to compare this with other shows as they don’t have those statistics. 

The number of nationalities of the 29 judges was limited to seven. Brabo gives always priority to the Belgian judges. There were 13 altogether. Six judges were Irish, four Dutch, two British and one from Germany, one from Austria and one from Czech Republic. Foreign judges will never be able to say that they judged Best In Show, let alone a Group, simply because that is the Brabo policy. To say that it was an Irish festival is not an exaggeration. With six judges (20%) they took care of 809 entries (38.5%).  Leading was Mr Beare who had 232 dogs including 53 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, 39 Bulldogs and 34 Newfoundlands. He had the best day score on both days and the best score overall. Mrs Beare had 87 in total. Mrs Delmar came second with 209 dogs in her ring. On Saturday she judged 58 Bulldogs and 27 Pugs and she did all the 111 Dachshunds on Sunday. Her husband had more time to enjoy our Belgian beers. He had a total of 109 over both days. Mr Hehir had the Staffies and American Staffies, 42 and 26 respectively and his final result was 115 dogs. It is striking how many judges only officiated one day and that, notwithstanding the fact that the total number of entries was high, there were hardly any outstanding breeds, only 47 Chihuahuas, 32 Golden Retrievers and 17 Labradors. However, 55 Border Collies is not bad at all, thanks to Mrs Van de Laar-Houtsma from the Netherlands, as is 71 Poodles for Mr Wellens, also a Dutchman and the 39 English Cockers far outnumbered the Americans. They entered for Mrs J. P. Gill Davis from the United Kingdom who also judged the Welsh and English Springers and had 70 dogs in total. His compatriot Mr H. Jones, had 74 dogs including no less than 32 Akitas, both judged only one day.

Mrs Myriam Vermeire is one of Belgium’s popular judges, still young but judging a lot of breeds, enough to judge Best In Show. She liked the black American Cocker Spaniel of Mrs Meijmans from the Netherlands. Chicorny’s Quite Sexy was one of the bitches that were entered in Champion class, born in sept 2011 in the States, she was chosen Best of Breed by Mrs Gill Davis and was awarded Best of Group by Mr Norman Deschuymere. Reserve Best in Show went to Seasyde View From The Top, English Pointer, co-owned by Helyne Madeiros and Edwin Lenaerts. This male is a little over two years old and was judged by Mr Beare and later awarded Best of Group by Mr J-P Achtergael. Best In Show is no surprise as Groenendaels are Mrs Vermeire’s favorite breed. Dandy de Bruine Buck is Mr Van de Riet’s 6 year old Champion who lives in the Netherlands. Mr Spruyt, partner of Mrs Vermeire and Groenendael lover too, made him Best of Breed. And after him, another big fan of the breed and breed specialist, Mr Deschuymere, made him Best of Group.  All those wins and choices of breed specialists had to result in the final big overall win. Dandy is more than welcome at Brabo’s next show on April 18 and 19 of next year, the year prior to Brabo’s 50th anniversary that will take place the very same year as the European Dog Show of Brussels.


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