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Wednesday, 04 July 2012

Lommel CAC Show

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IT WAS an unexpected success, this small one day CAC show! The committee were worried, as it is only 50km away across the border with the Netherlands (Lommel is a border town in Tilburg) was a CACIB show the very same weekend. Did it help or not?

Lommel’s unexpected success!

Best in Show and the choice of BIS Judge Mr Laurent Pichard (Switzerland) was the winner of Group 1, 
the CardiganWelsh Corgi, Gowerston Jazzsinger For Pemcader, owned by Christine Sonberg from Belgium.

Report & Pictures By KARL DONVIL

June 9th 2012

The fact is that Lommel had more entriesthan it ever had before, 1,353 dogs! I presume that those who showed on Saturday in Tilburg showed also in Lommel on Sunday. But of course the new breeding regulations of the Belgian Kennel club helps a lot too.

Herein is stated that both parents need to meet the minimum requirements for breeding, becoming a minimum qualification “good” on a Belgian show under a Belgian judge.Ashow like Lommel is the best opportunity to enter your dog if you need that qualification as on a CAC show you have more Belgian judges officiating.

From the 24 judges composed of eight nationalities, 16 were Belgians. Notwithstanding the fact that the events hall “de Souverein” is big and modern, it is not large enough to accommodate all the exhibitors, commercial stands, rings and visitors, at least not when it has to be done in one day.

Outside it is a very nice area with lots of green around and enough space to set up several outdoor rings in tents. Of course every year they are praying for nice weather. While this year the weather forecast was not promising, rain did not spoil the party and even the sun was shining a lot without making it too warm for the dogs. Inside it was pretty cool and comfortable and without incidents or dogs killed by the heat in cars, the day passed pleasantly for everyone. Some judges were really overloaded with entries and the committee asked them in advance if they needed help, but they all accepted.

Star judge was without any doubt Mr Gorjäo-Henriques Luis from Portugal, a Terrier specialist. He judged all the 154 Terriers except for the 39 American Staffordshires and the 17 Yorkies who were judged by Mr François Vanaken from Belgium who also had 37 Chinese Cresteds and ended as third most successful judge with 118 dogs in his ring. Mr Freddy Declercq, who is also from Belgium, had the secnd place with 126 dogs. His 26 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and 31 Border Collies helped a lot to reach this score. From Latvia came Mrs V. Klucniece who also had more than 100 dogs to judge.

She judged mainly Group 5 breeds, and a few Companion breeds and had a total of 114 dogs. Mrs Ingrid Hectors from Belgium had another good score. She judged a few popular breeds like the Bullmastiff (24), Newfoundlands (25) and Leonberger (30) and finished her day after judging 98 dogs and the puppies in the main ring. New judges were Mrs Wilmsen Inge who judged 18 Pugs, Mrs Anja Gregoire who had the Beardies, 19 in total. Mr Gino Decruy had 21 Afghan Hounds, which is a relatively high score. The best scoring breed, however, was the Bouledogue Français, one of the most successful breeds nowadays. Mr Dimitry Van Raamsdonk, himself a famous breeder, set his first official steps as a judge and ended up with a superscore of 56.

Let us hope he can continue his career in the same way. And let me not forget to mention Mr D.Thibaut, President of the Royal Society St. Hubert (Belgian Kennel Club), who is a specialist judge for German Shepherds and who showed no less than 21 specimens the way in Lommel. The choice for BIS Judge fell on Mr Laurent Pichard who was invited from Switzerland and who was really worried he might not catch his plane as he never thought the show would finish in time. Only the Terrier judging went on while the main ring programme started and Group 3 was postponed a while. The show ended well in time and there was even time enough for the official photo shoot.

He had nice quality and some top dogs to choose from. His choice for the 3rd place was the Leonberger, a dog that is already used to standing on the podium. His name is Hakuna c. Bora z. Miloticek and he is owned by Bauwens-Roobrouck C. from Belgium. Mrs Hectors sended him to the main ring as BOB and Mr Sanchez made him BIG. Hakuna is 5 years old and was entered in Champion Class in competition with 29 others. Second place went to the American Akita, Melodor Hotter Than Hell, another 5 year old winner, bred in the UK by Chris McLean and co-owned by Nancy Daponte from Belgium.

This bitch was entered in Champion Class too and judged by Mrs Klucniece and later in the Group by Mr Theo Leenen who made her BOG. Winner was the Welsh Corgi Cardigan, Gowerston Jazzsinger For Pemcadar, also entered in Champions Class and bred in the United Kingdom and also a dog used to standing on the podium. He is only two years older and owned by Christine Sonberg from Belgium. Gowerston won the breed under Mr Declercq and the Group under Mr N. Deschuymere. Christine showed also her famous Pug with success. She could return home with lots of trophies and more than happy.

Her leaps in the air and her shouts of joy when she found out she had won BIS were also worth an applause! This was the 35th Lommel show, I wonder if next year will attract as many dogs. It is very well possible as there is no European or World Show scheduled around that time. See you again on 9 June 2013, same place. It will be great as I have a feeling the sun will shine again.

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Report & Pictures

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