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Saturday, 27 July 2019

Eukanuba Summer Show 2019

Featured Written by Paula Heikkinen Lehkonen
Best in Show at the Eukanuba Summer Show was the Miniature Pinscher, Ch Pinserella’s Habanero, owned by Tuija Sirkiä. BIS Judge was Kari Jarvinen. Best in Show at the Eukanuba Summer Show was the Miniature Pinscher, Ch Pinserella’s Habanero, owned by Tuija Sirkiä. BIS Judge was Kari Jarvinen. Pictures By TexTerri

July WAS extraordinarily warm in Finland. The hottest weekend was the last weekend in July, when we had the traditional two-day Eukanuba Summer Show.

One of the organisers is the Finnish Dog Show Judges’ Society, and that’s why the officiating member judges don’t charge any expenses. We try to raise money for our annual education weekend and also for the educational travels to important shows like World and European Winner shows, particularly to study breeds which are rare over here.

Many of the member judges, who were not judging, came as exhibitors or were working in the show committee. The other clubs in the show committee were the Norwich & Norfolk Terrier Club and the Great Dane Club, both of them are lead by our member judges, so the co-operation between the clubs works very well.

Many exhibitors were dressed in pink, the colour of the sponsor Eukanuba, some had really put an effort on their outfits and were wearing also fancy pink hats like at Ascot. There were over 1,500 dogs entered, which was quite a good figure for a national show. Besides, the Pori International Show on the west coast was held during the same weekend, just switching the groups so that the craziest exhibitors could attend both. Because July is the busiest holiday season, many Finnish exhibitors had travelled also to the shows in Baltic countries and Sweden.

However, some exhibitors from other countries had come to our show. Nowadays the modern technique has made it possible to publish all the results online, and the catalogue was also only an online one. Of course this saves some money from the printing costs and is also ecological, but personally I prefer the printed catalogue where I can make my own markings and which I can save! I am old enough to be old-fashioned in this detail!

The Best in Show judge was our own Kari Järvinen. Some of Saturday’s group winners were missing, may be they had gone to Pori or just found the heat to be too much. Kari’s choice to the top spot was the Miniature Pinscher Ch Pinserella’s Habanero, owned by Tuija Sirkiä.

This four years old dog has been shown quite frequently and he has indeed taken some group wins and placings even before this. However, the beginning of his career was not so rosy, in his first show as a junior he got “very good”, but with maturity the successes started to follow and this year has been his best ever.

He is also a Ch of Denmark. He didn’t seem to suffer from the heat at all, actually short-haired dogs don’t thrive in cold weather. To the second place went the young Smooth Fox Terrier Ch Vielfrass Hazel, owned and bred by Olavi Tuovinen. She got her crowning CC just a week before this, in her first show after the necessary second birthday. She was also BIS in the Fox Terrier Club specialty three weeks earlier.

She has already taken some group placings, too, but this was now the highlight of her career – so far. Third in the BIS final was the brown Labrador Retriever, Ch Soldalens Lady Marmalade, owned by Kati Hokkanen. Also this one had got some “very goods” as a junior, but one must not be depressed by that! You must give time for the dogs to mature, and then it is a different story! She has done some travelling, too, and in addition to her Finnish title bears also Ch titles of Estonia and Latvia. Now, at the age of four, this year has been her best and she has taken several group placings.

She is also qualified in the field, which is necessary for the Ch title. Fourth was the elegant young Whippet, Sagramour There Is Only You, owmed by Janita Pelttari & Marina Aaltio, just over one year, but has already achieved a lot, several group placings and wins and even a BIS win. Of course her background is an obligation, her dam, Int Ch Sagramour Graceful Henrietta, has been the top winning Whippet over here in the past few years.

There is quite a lot of American blood in their pedigrees. The Danish Collie lady, Charlotte Höier, judged her favourite breed and found also her top ones in the group final among them. Winner of the Pastoral group was the young Rough Collie, Black Elles Non Stop Drifting, owned and Eija Alvasto & Eeva Pönni. This is a daughter of UK bred Int Ch Corydon Catch Me Driftin, from his last litter. He was extremely successful in his time. He passed away earlier this year at the age of 12 after having sired a lot of Champions over here.

To In second place Charlotte put the evergreen Smooth Collie, Int Ch Timonan Veronica Velvet, owned by Tuula Tikkanen, now 11, she was also Best Veteran of the second day. Charlotte had held a seminar about Collies on Friday before the show and many breeders and aspiring judges attended. The Dachshund group winner was the young Miniature Wire, Woodbrooks Myrna, owned by Tuija Saarinen, again a rising new star. She got now her 12th CC, but as she is less than two years and also still needs the field trial results, she is not yet a Champion.

The breeders, Unto Timonen and Sampo Miettinen are better known for their Whippets (as a matter of fact, they are the owners of the dam of the group winning Whippet), but nowadays they also keep miniture Dachshunds. This one is already a Baltic Junior Champion and Junior Winner in the Helsinki Winner Show. This was not her first group win! Nice to see many young up-and-coming new faces!

The Spitz Group winner was the Keeshond, Int Ch Eerondaali Nightwish, owned and bred by Petri Turunen, who is already an established big winner, who bears many Ch and Winner titles from various countries. He didn’t come to Sunday’s BIS final, because the Eerondaali gang had entered their dogs to Pori as well, and another one, young Eerondaali King of the Ring won the group there on Sunday! As a matter of fact, that was not all, the four Eerondaali Keeshonds won the best breeders’ group on Saturday and were third at Pori on Sunday. Quite an achievement, to win the group with two different home-bred dogs in one weekend!

The best of the Scenthounds was the Finnish Hound Kahvanahon Metsärannan Suden Hetki, owned by Outi Lius & Mikko Engström. It was quite a surpsrise to see Outi, better known for her Newfoundlands, to handle a hunting dog, but obviously it is her husband who has purchased the hound for hunting and Outi is allowed to show her. This bitch has done very well in the showring and now only waits for the autumn and hunting season to get qualifications in the real job of the breed. The Red & White Irish Setter, Int Ch Redwhitesilk Gunpowder, owned by Sirke Siiro, won the Pointing Gundog Group, not for the first time.

This one is third top winner in descending generations Sirke has been showing, the grandsire being the legendary Int Ch Corranroo Celtic Vision. It is quite amazing to see how much this grandson looks like his famous grandsire. The Toy & Companion Group winner was the Lhasa Apso, Ch Diamella Midnight Thunder, owned by Tuula & Sini Rantanen, again a young rising star who has got some group placings this year. The owners, the elderly Rantanen sisters, are frequent successful exhibitors of Pugs and Lhasas. This one is a result of international co-operation, she is sired by an Italian dog and has already got several Junior Champion and Junior Winner titles, including World Show last year.

Best veteran on the first day was the Golden Retriever, Int Ch Daily Rays Charming Star, owned by Riikka Aholammi, nine years old. He has had a long and successful career, and still this year he has taken group placings, not only in the veteran finals. He is a son of UK import, Gillbryan Joseph’s Dream.

As said, the Smooth Collie, Int Ch Timonan Veronica Velvet won the veterans’ final on Sunday. On Sunday the winning team consisted of four powderpuff Chinese Cresteds bred by Samu & Leila Wikström, Jamming’s fame. They had won a.o.t BOB and BOS in the breed. They are quite new breeders having bred ten litters so far, but got champions in each one.

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