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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Turku January International Show

Featured Written by Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen
Best in Show at Turku was the Spanish Water Dog, Ch Aquacrest Magic Mike, owned by Päivi Uurtola-Kahri & Noora Haapanen. BIS Judge was Sandra Mashford (Australia). Best in Show at Turku was the Spanish Water Dog, Ch Aquacrest Magic Mike, owned by Päivi Uurtola-Kahri & Noora Haapanen. BIS Judge was Sandra Mashford (Australia). Photographs By TEXTerri

The traditional Turku January International Show was named Top Dog Show this year. Every second year this group of local clubs hold Top Dog Show, while every second year another combination of clubs have a Winter Dog Show.

However, the same perpetual big Winter Cup is given to the BIS winner every year. There were 3,700 dogs entered for two days this time, which seems to be quite a normal amount. The winter here – so far – has been very cold and we have got a lot of snow, but fortunately on this weekend the sky was clear, although the temperature was about 20 degrees below zero.

As usual at this show, the panel of judges was very international. From the UK had come David Bell, Geoff Corish and Derek Smith. The winter in Finland was certainly a rather exotic experience for the BIS judge, Sandra Mashford from Australia. It must have been the hottest summer down under when she started her journey! Her choice to the lucky one who gets the huge Winter Cup was the Spanish Water Dog, Ch Aquacrest Magic Mike, owned by Päivi Uurtola-Kahri & Noora Haapanen.

He is a consistent winner; won the Group a week earlier at the first show of the year at Kajaani, and was Best in Show a month earlier at Jyväskylä. Before that he had done a lot of winning.

Although he has a long line of various “Winner” and Ch titles from several countries, he will never get the FCI International Ch title, because there are some unregistered dogs in his pedigree. In Spain the Water Dogs are still used as versatile working dogs, and all the farmers or fishermen don’t always bother to register their dogs, even if they are pure-bred. Reserve BIS was the young Norwegian Elkhound, Karonidama Alfsigr White Dream Rover, owned by Tiina Vittalampi. This dog is a Russian import but his pedigree combines American, Finnish and Norwegian lines. Norwegian Elkhound is one of the most popular breeds in Finland.

He has started his career well, he has already got his seventh CC, and in addition to that, he was World Junior Winner last year in Amsterdam and European Junior Winner at Warsaw. For the Ch title he has to pass the Field Trials, but among his Finnish ancestors there are FT Champions, so no doubt he is able to do it. On the yellow carpet, which means the third placing, there was a familiar face from many shows, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Int Ch Dariant Egypt, owned by Pekka Keränen. He is a well known established winner, Champion of six countries and bears many “Winner” titles, including World Winner from Moscow a couple of years ago.

He was born in Russia, but his pedigree is very cosmopolitan, combining European, American, Australian and NZ blood. Also on the green carpet, meaning fourth, there was another consistent winner, the amazing evergreen Havanese, Multi Ch Jatakabi’s Xtempore, owned by Noora Kela, ten years young and enjoying every minute in the ring. Some dogs seem to be like good wine, becoming better and better with age.

This bitch was quite successful already as a youngster, but then there was a gap of some years when she wasn’t shown, until she made a brilliant come-back as a veteran. She just won the Group at Helsinki Winner Show in December, and was third in the Veteran of the Year contest last year. The Pastoral Group winner was the Smooth Collie, Int Ch Clingstone’s Make A Cake, owned by Marianna Riepponen. Of the eight littermates, five are Champions, three of them Int Chs and multiple group winners.

Then there was the young black and silver Miniature Schnauzer, Silver Rainbow Caller, owned by Irina Lukasevich & Svetlana Kruglova, Russia. This is already the second time this dog has visited Finland, he was BOS at Helsinki at the Winner Show in December. Now this trip was even more worthwhile. Another successful youngster was the Dachshund Group winner, the dappled Miniature Longhaired Dachshund, Aavistuksen Pilkukas Poika, owned by Susanna Saarine. In spite of his young age this boy has already got his sixth CC. From Russia came the winner of the Scenthound Group, the Beagle, Irinstyle Brave And Strong, owned by N Pavlova.

He, too, had visited Finland before, a year ago when he was Junior Winner-17 at Helsinki. The Pointing Gundog Group winner was quite a new face, the Gordon Setter, Goango Black Lanson, owned by Heidi Wasenius & Tiia Mikkonen. He hasn’t been shown very many times so far, but was third in group at Jyväskylä a month ago and BOB at Helsinki after that, so now when he is grown-up, he will certainly be seen more often.

He descends mainly from Australian lines with some drops of American blood. Last but not least came the Sighthound Group, and the winner was the Whippet, Int Ch C’Mere Oz the Great, owned by Pia Mannila. There were 96 Whippets entered, ten dogs in the Champion class only, so there was quite a tough competition already in the breed ring. The Hungarian judge Robert Kotlar was not too generous with “excellents”, which makes this win even more valuable. This dog has not only ecxelled in the showring, he has done very well in the lure coursing and also on the race course.

No need to divide the breed into different lines, when one dog can do it all! His background is mostly Australian, with some American and European blood. Best Veteran on Saturday was the Newfoundland, Int Ch Wave Seeker’s Fly Me To The Moon, owned by Outi Lius & Erkki Selin, who has now done a few appearances in the veteran class after his 8th birthday. Before that he had a long and successful career.

On Sunday the Best Veteran was – for the umpteenth time - the Smooth Collie, Int Ch Timonan Veronica Velvet, owned by Tuula Tikkanen, now ten years old and still going strong. Best Breeders’ Group on Saturday was the team of four Chinese Cresteds bred by Samu & Leila Wikström, Jamming’s kennel, and on Sunday – once again – the Adamant’s English Springers bred by Tarja Hovila.

Photos by TEXTerri

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