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Friday, 15 February 2019

Boe Double Show, Norway

Featured Written by Paula Heikkinen Lehkonen
Friday’s Best in Show at Boe was the Dobermann, Int Ch J’adore Gucci v Nobel Line, owned by Ingrid Wesenberg. Left is BIS Judge Aase Jakobsen (Norway) and on the right is Group Judge, Nadia Timmermans-Kadenko (Netherlands). Friday’s Best in Show at Boe was the Dobermann, Int Ch J’adore Gucci v Nobel Line, owned by Ingrid Wesenberg. Left is BIS Judge Aase Jakobsen (Norway) and on the right is Group Judge, Nadia Timmermans-Kadenko (Netherlands). Pictures by TEXTerri

The Norwegian Kennel Club held a double show at Boe, in Southern Norway, in the County of Telemark, in the middle of February.

On the first day Friday there was a one-day International show, and on the two following days there were two-day Nordic shows. About 2,000 dogs took part in both. The Friday show was a little smaller than the other. Of course when you have all breeds and all the finals on the same day, it will inevitably be a long day.

On the first day also more judges were needed than on the last two days, so some of the judges were working only on Friday. The show committee had to make some last minute changes, because some judges were taken ill. Also travelling to Boe was quite a journey, because it took three hours to drive from Oslo airport.

Some of the judges whose planes landed earlier, had to wait for those who arrived later, and it was really a long day for them. Although the distance is not so terribly long, you just can’t drive fast in Norway, the roads are winding in the mountainous country and there are some very long tunnels and many speed limits. At this time of the year the roads might also be icy, so this is another reason to drive carefully. There were some breed club specialty shows near by, so some exhibitors had three chances to win something.

Adventurous trip

Some exhibitors had a more adventurous trip than what was planned. A bus with 15 Finnish exhibitors and their 20 dogs had first driven to Turku, Wednesday evening to take the ferry to Sweden, and then they were supposed to drive through Sweden to Norway. However, the bus broke down in Sweden, near Karlstad on Thursday afternoon.

They managed to get to a garage and hoped the bus could be repaired there. But no, a spare part must be ordered and it would take some days. The garage staff helped them to get rental cars, altogether six of them because a bus was not available, and the journey could go on. They drove close to each other to stay together, and the police stopped them to ask what kind of a convoy this was. Finnish exhibitors just going to a dog show! They were at their hotel at 3am and then in the morning to the show after a couple of hours sleep. Luckily most of them did well in the rings.

On Sunday they had got some news, the insurance will pay for the rental cars, but they must drive them back to Karlstad and a new bus will come from Finland to collect them there.

The driver must then return after some days to drive the restored bus back home. It takes some effort and stamina to make your dog International Champion! But when the show starts, it usually rolls on without complications. In the Norwegian Kennel Club shows they publish all the results and critiques online, so you can follow what is happening and why even if you are in another country. The stewards are equipped with keyboards and portable computers for this. The show venue was a big football hall with wall-to-wall artificial grass/carpet.

British judges

Some British judges were officiating, Frank Kane, Gwen Beaden and Richard Bott. The BIS judge of the Friday show was Mrs Aase Jakobsen from Norway, herself a successful long-time Dalmatian breeder. She liked most the Dobermann, Int Ch J’adore Gucci v Nobel Line, owned by Ingrid Wesenberg. This bitch has obviously been very successful also before, bearing many various Ch and Winner titles. Second place went to the white Standard Poodle, Ch Huffish Rave Master, owned by Arild Thorvaldsen. I think he is born out of black parents. He was clipped in classic lion clip, which you don’t see so often any more, especially on a Standard. Third was the Bracco Italiano, Ch Inspirations Il Vino Fantastico, owned by Hans-Ole Stenbro, again a multiple winner title holder.

Fourth was the Australian Shepherd, Ch Every Minute Of Love Royal Rain, Czech import owned by Helene Nilsen. All these were Norwegian dogs, but among the rest of the group winners were some visitors from other countries. The Terrier Group winner was a Staffordshire from Denmark, Int Ch Angelic Staff Lap Of Luxury, owned by Louise Harding. This was one of the most numerous breeds in the show and there were no less than eight dogs in Champion class only, so he had had quite a tough competition already in the breed.

He has been travelling around and collected Ch titles in ten countries. Best of the Spitzes was the Pomeranian, Multi Ch Tiny Fellow’s U Got The Look, owned and bred by Camilla Kristoffersen. This is a very strong breed in Norway, again a good entry and this little winner has obviously been the top winner in the breed last year. He, too, has many Winner titles from several countries.

Then the combined Dachshund & Scenthound Group was topped by the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ch Ndoki Heading North Hawa, owned by Sarah Saetveit & Asbjörn Lund, a German import. The Spaniel & Retriever Group winner – once again – was the veteran black American Cocker Int Ch Statesman Miss Divine, owned and bred be Vibeke Paulsen. I remember having witnessed her to become Dog of the Year and BIS winner of the Norwegian Main show some years ago, and now at 8 years old she is still looking good, jet black and happily wagging her tail. She got a group placing also on the next day. Best of the Sighthounds was the young Saluki, Zadonas Durandai, owned by Elisabet Levenskog, Sweden.

He was Junior World Winner in Amsterdam earlier this year, so a name to remember. On Sunday the BIS judge was Benny Blid von Schedvin from Sweden. He got a completely new collection of top dogs to choose from. None of Friday’s Group winners managed to renew their position in the next show. Of course there might have been some different dogs, too. Now the BIS winner was the young American Akita, Estava Rain Royal Touch, owned and bred by Friedrich Birkmar, a rising star who has got some group placings already, but this was the highlight of his career – so far! He is fourth generation of BIS winners of Friedrich’s own breeding.

His dam has been doing well in USA, got Ch title there and grand-dam was 2nd in Dog of the Year list in Norway some years ago. Certainly a strong bitch line behind this youngster. His strongest contestant was the perky little Jack Russell Terrier, Ch Knotteliten’s Esme, owned by Ida Teigvang. She is continuing her winning ways, she was 2nd on the top dog list of the country last year. The third came from Denmark, it was the English Springer Spaniel, Ch Sieger’s Never Walk Alone, owned by Dorte Jensen, she also bears many Winner titles.

Fourth was the Newfoundland, Int Ch Skipper’s All Right, a Hungarian import owned by Ole Andreas Nygård, he is no newcomer to the winner’s stand either. Other Group winners were the German Shepherd, Int Ch Qazy av Quantos, owned and bred by Tor Johansen, who had again a busy day with all his GSDs, both longhaired and shorthaired. There were no less than 14 Quantos GSDs entered altogether and handling them means a lot of running.

This winning bitch was in the working class, which means she is highly qualified in the working trials as well. The Scenthound & Dachshund Group winner hadn’t stayed for the BIS final because the breed was judged on Saturday and she had long way home, it was the GBGV from Finland, Int Ch Minskuhoff’s For Your Eyes Only, owned and bred by Maria Aaltovirta. Another Finnish group winner, the young Italian Greyhound, Moonpearl’s Baronessa Aquamarina, owned and bred by Nina Stenbacka, was missing on Sunday, the Sighthounds were judged on Saturday. Obviously these two were not in that unlucky bus but had driven privately all the way without any problems.

The young Saluki, who won the Group on Friday, was now second. Pointing Gundog winner was again a Bracco Italiano, but not the same as on Friday, this was a young Danish-bred bitch Olympos La Mia Arancia, but owned by the same person as Friday’s group winner, Hans-Ole Stenbro. Quite an achievement, to win the Group with two different dogs during the same weekend. I had the joy to judge the Toy & Companion Dog Group, and my winner was the lovely young Longhaired Chihuahua, Amazing Dream Victorious Legolas, owned and bred by Camilla Mikkelsen. I had judged the breed myself and must say I have never seen such even quality in the breed anywhere.

There were 23 of them entered and I had to award “excellent with CC quality” to each one! Amazing! The atmosphere in the breed ring was really good, the exhibitors were congratulating and helping each other, obviously the breeders co-operate and respect each other and that is the secret of their achievements.

Even sized, sound and self-confident little dogs with typical heads and most of them also had six incissors in perfect order both up and down. Best Breeders’ Group in both shows was presented by an elderly lady, Vera Westby, whose Wervest Wirehaired Miniature Dachshund team won both on Friday and Saturday.

A long-time consistent work deserves appreciation! On Sunday the winning team consisted of Simon Tien Hansen’s Pharaoh Hounds, Kennel Bazinga. I remember having met him last summer at Southern Counties, where I judged the breed and to my great surprise realised that there were some Norwegian dogs.

They had had a specialty show on the previous day, so that was a good reason to come over to attend two shows. Best veteran on the first day was the Samoyed, Int Ch Rajumas Conny, owned and bred by Gro Moe-Gumoe. Second day the winning veteran was the Lhasa Apso, Ch Löwebo’s Tiara, owned by Rita Annie Örebaek, on the third day the winner was Shetland Sheepdog, Int Joyland’s Magic Ambition, owned by Finn Helge Olsen.

Boe Double Photos by TEXTerri

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