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Saturday, 29 June 2019

Boras National Show

Featured Written by Paula Heikkinen Lehkonen
Boras National Show Pictures By TexTerri & Tellusdream

The Borås weekend in southern Sweden was very busy, a three day cluster of shows.

The main event was the two-day all-breed national show with nearly 3,000 dogs, but many breed clubs held their specialty shows there in the same showground starting on Friday. So there were about 5,000 entries altogether. Although it was “only” a national show, there certainly was the most international flavour in the whole of Sweden this year.

The panel of judges was really colourful, mostly thanks to Robert Paust who was in charge of inviting the judges and organising their travel etc. He is actually American, but has been living part-time in Sweden for years and even speaks Swedish fluently and is involved with the regional Kennel Club of Southern Älvsborg district, a little north from Gothenburg in southwestern Sweden. Being a judge himself, Robert Paust of course knows a lot of people. Some new Swedish judges made their official debut here, too. This is nice, even if the new judges aren’t yet qualified for many breeds, they have to start somewhere and someone must give them the opportunity to start.

From UK came Colin Woodward, Kay Hateley, Margaret Wildman and Frances Glendinning. There might have been some more in the specialty shows. A bunch of cheerful Irish judges were there, too, and several Americans, some of them visiting Sweden for the first time. Especially Mr George Milutinovich was thrilled to meet some European colleagues, because his grandparents had moved to USA from former Yugoslavia.

He got a real lecture about history from two fellow judges who came from that part of Europe, Tino Pehar from Croatia and György Tesics, who lives in Hungary but is originally a member of Hungarian minority of Serbia. He seemed to recognise some words when these two gentlemen were speaking to each other in their own language, as it was the same language his grandparents used to speak. All three days were very sunny and very hot, which is of course a challenge for some breeds, especially the short-muzzled ones.

Nowadays the exhibitors are well aware of these problems and have cooling mattresses, fans etc. for their dogs. Even some judges, having to stand in the middle of the ring all day, had problems. If you don’t wear a hat and don’t remember to drink enough, you might start to feel weak. The showground was a lovely sports field covered with short-cut grass.

This weekend was also the Pride weekend and there was a lot of people celebrating that in the city. Robert Paust was dressed accordingly, he was wearing a bowtie in rainbow colours at the dinner on Saturday evening. On Friday I judged the Chinese Crested Club show, the pink-skinned hairless ones can become sunburnt if you aren’t careful enough.

There were 75 entered, most of them excellent in quality. This breed has really gone forward, nowadays they are mostly soundly constructed, the size has become more even and the heads better. Most of them are self-confident and happy. Obviously the owners have also learnt how to take care of the skin, or coat in case of powderpuffs.

The atmosphere was great, friendly, exhibitors were congratulaing each other and helping if someone had several dogs to handle. There were several special awards like for best head, best skin, best movements etc. Both my BOB and BOS winners came from junior class, which is nice, the breeders have managed to breed new up-and-coming stars. BOB was the dog, Sirocco Like a Million Scoville, owned by Malin Svalin. I see he is already Swedish Junior Winner 19, which means that he has won the junior class in the Swedish Winner Show earlier this year.

Just a year old, I believe this eyecatching and charismatic dog has a brilliant future. His breeder, Elin Gunnarsson, showed a very even breeders’ group of four hairless ones, which was best team in show. Also her brace consisting of home-bred father and daughter was best brace.

The BOS bitch, Jean Dark Only If, owned and bred by Jeanett & Felicia Lemmeke, was most charming and elegant, just a little over 1 year old. The Lemmekes are a mother and daughter team, also judges and experienced breeders, they bred earlier successfully Dobermanns as far as I know. Their half-brother of this young beauty won the Champion class and was 2nd among the dogs, so they had a good day.

On Saturday and Sunday there were more specialty shows on the same field, but the main thing was naturally the all-breed national show. Unfortunately my flight on Sunday afternoon left so early that I couldn’t watch the finals but got the results and also some photos. The BIS judge was Tino Pehar, who has become very popular in Sweden and judges there frequently nowadays – after having been the most popular judge from abroad in Finland! He is, among other things, very talented in languages and has picked up all the important words which are needed in the ring, both in Finnish and Swedish, like “up and back, please”, “round”, “the teeth”, “one, two, three, four”, “good boy” etc. Best in Show was the elegant Saluki, Qirmizi Rivendelle, owned and bred by Nicklas & Ingunn Eriksson, who have bred, owned and shown so many top-winning Salukis during years. This young bitch became obviosuly Champion now, too. Second was the American Cocker, Ch Galaksi All Rights Reserved, owned and bred by Michael Kristensen from Denmark.

He was the top showdog in Denmark last year, and was a.o.t. BIS in the Jubilee Show in Warsaw in connection with the EDS last year, and is also now a US Grand Champion. It must have been a thrill for the breed judge Martin Adner, who was judging officially for the first time. The Kristensens had a real field day, as Michael’s wife Lotte was showing her home-bred English Cocker, Cockergold The Game of Life, who was second in group. Third place went to the Puli, Int Ch Vallklanens Devon Showstopper, owned and bred by Anna Leppäjoki, obviously a very successful dog but new aquaintance to me.

He is also Nordic and German Champion and was European Junior Winner in 2014, so he has been travelling around. I had judged the Spitz group final on Saturday and my winner, the young Swedish Vallhund, Danga’s Ecke Göteson, owned and bred by Ingela Johannesson, took fourth place.

This youngster was only one year old but was showing like a pro. The breed judge Laurent Heinesche from Luxemburg was ever so impressed by this dog and indeed not in vain. This was obviously a popular win, because this breed is illustrated in the logo of the organising club, as the breed originates from this area. The other group winners were the Bernese Mountain Dog, Int Ch Berningtons Widunder, owned by Cinzia Lundgren, already 8 years old but doing fine in spite of the hot weather.

He was also 2nd Best Veteran of the day. The Terrier Group was topped by the Wire Fox Terrier, US Ch Louline Repercussion at Random, owned by Agneta Åström and bred by Geir Flyckt Pedersen. This one was just seen as group winner in the EDS in Austria.

He is the newest link to the long chain of top winning Wires Agneta Åström has been showing and great to see that Geir is back in the breed, too. Then there was the young PBGV, Around Drama Queen, owned and bred by Annicka Löfgren and the Gordon Setter, Int Ch Forester’s Young Ironduke Ofdarkmoon, German import owned by Helena Johansson and finally the Longhaired Chihuahua, Shine On A Kiss From A Rose, owned and bred by Karin Hellström. A great line-up altogether.

Best Veteran on Saturday was the Pharaoh Hound, Int Ch Vaskurs Idefix Qiwison, owned and bred by Jenny Hall and on Sunday the Black Standard Schnauzer, Int Ch Velvet Dandy’s Aura, owned and bred by Veronica Lange. Veronica Lange’s team of Black Schnauzers was also best Breeders’ Group on Sunday. On Saturday the four Shetland Sheepdogs bred by Anne Reider, Kennel Shellrick’s, won this competition.

She showed the four dogs alone. That can’t be done with every breed, at least not with my Terriers!

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